You can get your Transcript delivered:

• Min-U-Script Bundle • Electronically in an E-Transcript (PTX) • PDF Format • ASCII (TXT) format

Let us know if there’s a need to expedite your delivery and we will make it happen. Email us for more details.

We are excited to offer you and highly recommend electronic delivery prepared with Min-U-Script Pro!

Here’s what Min-U-Script has to say about the benefits and features of the new updated Min-U-Script Pro:

  • Transcripts are delivered in a secure bundle and contain a full-sized transcript, a condensed format transcript, a word index that will help you quickly locate keywords, an ascii file, Exhibits in PDF format, and Exhibits may be linked to text upon request in your choice of format: PDF, Textmap (XMEF), or Summation.
  • Secure delivery by downloading from a link and password protected
  • A witness photo may be included on the cover page
  • You may, if you prefer, request delivery via E-Transcript

“Key Features For Attorneys!

  • Simple, non-evasive single PDF file delivery by email (View Bundle)
  • Custom branded CD menu for easy access and brand recognition
  • Files open in Adobe Reader and Acrobat – No Special Viewer Required
  • Instant access to all formats, word index wheel, and original ASCII
  • Instant access to scanned exhibits (attached or hyper-linked)
  • Ultimate legibility for screen viewing and printed transcripts
  • Advanced searching/digesting features in Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  • Meets all court filing and signature requirements
  • Casewide Exhibit Bundle
  • Instant link to your web site Scheduling page... And much more!”