I got an excellent product and personalized service, and I would highly recommend ASAP Court Reporting.
-- T. R., Phoenix, Arizona

I am very pleased with the personalized service I get from ASAP Court Reporting. Karla Baez is very hands-on with everything. I get to schedule everything with her in advance and I'm usually able to have her personally be my court reporter. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else.
-- A. D., San Diego, CA

The case we contracted for depositions with ASAP Court Reporting was a highly technical matter and we needed to have a really clean interactive realtime. Ms. Baez reported for us and it was extremely helpful to be able to review a readable realtime record as I was taking the deposition. I would definitely use her again next time we come back to San Diego.
-- S. N., Boston, MA

There certainly is a difference between court reporters, and I would highly recommend ASAP Court Reporting if you want a good job and the expertise of many years of experience.
-- D. B., San Francisco, CA

I’m very happy with the services I get from ASAP Court Reporting. There is definitely something to be said for getting someone with many years of experience.
-- P. K., Los Angeles, CA

I was so pleased to get my rough draft within a couple hours of my all day deposition finishing, and I could read it!
-- D. G., Chicago, IL

Pleasant, professional service, technological expertise and a great transcript---what more could I ask for?
-- R. T., Orange County, CA