We are pleased to offer provide Internet Realtime Streaming through a vendor of your choice or our first choice, LiveLitigation

LIVE LITIGATION: Without any downloads, you can connect to an encrypted site and “virtually” attend a deposition. Not only can you see streaming real-time text, but you will be able to hear with audio and see the deponent via the court reporter’s videocam or videographer’s camera feed. This is an excellent and cost-effective tool for expert witnesses and associated counsel to attend virtually and interact with counsel who is taking the deposition.

When you order the Live Litigation service, before the date of the deposition, you will receive an invitation for the specified date of the deposition you will be attending. At the specified time, you can attend via the Live Litigation site using the link you will receive in an email. Just click the JOIN DEPOSITION link provided in the email and that’s it.

It will be possible for you to chat via text with other members of your legal team privately on the same screen as the real-time transcript and video.


You may order interactive realtime via wireless connection to your device (laptop, netbook, , iPad or other Android or Google device) or one of the reporter's devices.